Pied Du Ciel in Tournon d'Agenais

Pied du Ciel (At Heaven's Feet)

in Tournon d'Agenais, the South of France

Pied du Ciel (13th century) "Potter in residence" holiday

Pied Du Ciel ś

"Potter in residence" holiday

Would you like to spend two weeks living, throwing, exhibiting your work while enjoying a unique historical dream location in the South of France? We can make that happen!

De Kleischool's mission has always been to create unique opportunities for pottery enthousiasts. We are offering for rent a medieval tower (appartment, pottery studio and exhibition space) for two week periods. The tower is conveniently located on a street popular with tourists, a stone throw's away from the Bastide of Tournon d'Agenais in Lot et Garonne.

A potter's wheel is available in the exhibition space, and there is a brand new 60-liter ceramic door kiln in the basement. The tower can be booked for a period of 14 days (maximum 4 people). A different potter will be staying in Pied du Ciel every two weeks, from May to September (see dates and prices below).

Feel free to contact us for information or a request, enthusiastic hobby potters are very welcome (on condition, among other things, that you can already throw and have some work to exhibit). Exhibiting together with a friend is also possible (maximum 4 people). Are you interested; send an email to Bo and Annetje info@dekleischool.nl

In a Medival Bastide

Pied du
        Ciel enseigne The tower with the workshop is called Pied du Ciel, it is located at heaven's feet on top of a rock in the Citadelle, right at the entrance of the Bastide of the French King, in the town of Tournon d'Agenais (Lot et Garonne).

Tournon d'Agenais on the list of the most beautiful places in France

Tournon Straatje

Tournon d'Agenais is located in the south of France in the Lot et Garonne department (the Tuscany of France) and is classified on the list "Les plus beaux villages de France" (the most beautiful places in France). Tournon is on the route to Compostela. Anyone visiting Tournon d'Agenais will enter the bastide through Pied du Ciel."

The available periods and prices in 2024

Arrival Sunday 28 April - Departure Saturday 11 May reserved
Arrival Sunday May 12 - Departure Saturday May 25 (€ 1550.00)
Arrival Sunday May 26 - Departure June Saturday 8 reserved
Arrival Sunday June 9 - Departure Saturday June 22  (€ 1550.00)
Arrival Sunday June 23 - Departure Saturday July 6  (€ 1550.00)
Arrival Sunday July 7 - Departure Saturday July 20  reserved
Arrival Sunday July 21 - Departure Saturday 3 August  reserved
Arrival Sunday August 4 - Departure Saturda August 17 reserved
Arrival Sunday 18 August - Departure Saturday 31 August reserved
Arrival Sunday September 1 - Departure Saturday September 14 reserved

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Entree Pied Du Ciel

Entree Pied Du

The Rempart (city wall around the Bastide)

Tournon Rempart

View towards the West from city wall

Walk around the city wall in the morning


Tournon d'Agenais (filmed by a drone)


Click here to see the film

View towards the South from city wall

Uitzicht vanaf de rampart

On the square in the bastide


On the square in the bastide there are several restaurants and terraces, some under the medieval arcades. In July and August there is a marché gourmand in the square every Friday evening. You can buy delicious food at all kinds of food stalls and then sit down at one of the long tables with your own plate full of local delicacies.

The workshop with exhibition space

            Pied Du Ciel

The studio annex exhibition space is well lit. There are 2 glass display cabinets and 5 wooden shelving units of 60 cm wide (see for yourself how many cabinets you want to set up, you can put the rest in the basement). Enough space to exhibit your work.
There is a new electric potters wheel to work on and to give demonstrations. When you throw, it always draws a big crowd!
In the basement is a Toma ceramic door kiln (can heat up to 1300 degrees) with extensive Bentrup kiln control.

You should bring your own clay, small tools and any glazing you might want to use with you.   

The stay


The house is a tower (43 steps between the 4 floors). There is a living/dining room with open kitchen on the 1st floor; a bedroom with two single beds and a bathroom on the 2nd floor; a bedroom with a double bed in the attic (a small inconvenience: if you go from the attic to the bathroom or downstairs, you walk through the bedroom of the 2nd floor).
The studio and the exhibition space and a toilet with large washbasin are situated on the ground floor.
There is an induction stove, refrigerator, convection oven, dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer (also clotheslines). There is no WiFi, only 4G.
Pans, crockery, cutlery, tea and coffee pot, duvets, pillows, blankets, sheets and towels are provided. There are two bicycles in the basement.
(No smoking. No pets allowed.)      




slaapkamer 2e verdieping



Bedroom in the attic




Basement door




Stairs leading to the bastide

You can reach the bastide by car or via the old staircase of 200 steps. Downstairs you will find modern Tournon, with a bakery, a small supermarket, hairdresser, bank, pharmacy, garage, etc.
A pleasure to start your day with, is going down the stone stairs early in the morning to get fresh croissants around the corner at the bottom.   

PdC = Pied Du Ciel


Occitan song: Qu'em çò qui em


Sang by Nadau. Click here.

Qu'em çò qui em

De jamei en tostemps,
E d’ivèrn en primtemps,
Si n’i a qui an çò qui an,
Qu’èm çò qui èm.
Aimar sa tèrra dinc au mau d’amor,
I créder enqüèra dinc a la dolor,
Espiar cada matin com si èra lo purmèr matin.

Esperar, esperar,
E cridar, e cridar,
Si n’i a qui an çò qui an,
Qu’èm çò qui èm.
Vielh monde qui portam de ier en uei,
Non seràs pas jamei un monde vielh,
Tostemps recommençat, lo conte n’ei pas acabat.

Pè deu cèu, tot qu’ei blos,
Hant-se nueit, tot qu’ei doç,
Si n’i a qui an çò qui an,
Qu’èm çò qui èm.
Tà casa, adara que nse’n vam tornar,
Cap a un aute sorelh que’ns vam virar,
Doman, si s’escad plan, a contrabriu, que seram vius.
On est ce qu'on est

Jamais et toujours
Et de l'hiver au printemps
S'il y en a qui ont ce qu'ils ont
Nous, on est ce qu'on est.
Aimer sa terre jusqu'au mal d'amour
Y croire encore jusqu'à la douleur
Regarder chaque matin comme s'il était le premier

Espérer, espérer
Et crier, et crier,
S'il y en a qui ont ce qu'ils ont,
Nous, on est ce qu'on est.
Vieux monde que l'on porte d'hier jusqu'à aujourd'hui
Tu ne seras jamais un monde ancien,
Le conte recommence toujours, et ne s'achève jamais.

Pied du ciel, tout est beau
Crépuscule, tout est doux,
S'il y en a qui ont ce qu'ils ont,
Nous, on est ce qu'on est.
Et maintenant on va retourner à la maison
Et se retourner vers un autre soleil,
Demain peut-être, à contre-courant, nous serons vivants.



Kasteel BonaguilCasseneuilMontcuq



We would like to get to know you and see your work in advance. We reserve the right to refuse a booking without giving reasons.
You should already be able to throw and have some work to exhibit.


We ask a deposit of € 250.00.


You can cancel up to two months before the start. The costs for a cancellation up to four weeks before the start are € 100.00. If the invoice of the total amount is not paid within the stipulated period, we reserve the right to regard this as a cancellation and to offer the location to another person.
Two months before the start, it is no longer possible to cancel! So make sure you have adequate cancellation and travel insurance. A cancellation is often because of something (very) serious. As understanding as we are, we can no longer fill a released reservation in such a short term. For little money you can cover the risk that you still have to pay (or have paid) the entire amount while you cannot come.     


You are solely responsible for your exhibition, demonstrations, opening hours and possible sales (the sale of non-ceramic goods or goods made by someone ele is prohibited).

The use of the tower

The house:

Maximum 4 people can stay in the house.

Pets and smoking are not allowed in Pied Du Ciel.

We have beds, duvets, pillows, blankets, sheets and towels ready for you, which you can use.

There is a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer.

The kitchen is small but well equipped: pans, crockery, cutlery, kettle, tea and coffee pot etc. are ready for you.

The potter's studio:

An electric potter's wheel (Shimpo RK-3D) is waiting for you. A Toma electric 60 liter door kiln with Bentrup kiln control is available in the basement. There are 4 kiln plates and several sizes of stilts.

If you're doing a glaze firing, you'll need to apply kiln-plate paste to protect the kiln plates first.

You yourself should still bring: your clay, small tools (ribs, mirettes, sponges, your own triangles, etc), possibly glazes and kiln paste.

Clean any glaze residues and brushes in the appropriate bucket.
Clay slib in the appropriate barrels.

We supply display cabinets and wooden shelving units that are at your disposal. No holes should be made in walls and ceilings, and nothing should be pasted or glued. There is a chalkboard on wich you can write your own text with chalk (provided).

Of course you leave everything tidy at the end of your stay.

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